About Us

Umbrella Party Studios is a small studio with the goal of making games that can create change, evoke emotions and tell a story that people can connect with. Our games use immersive audio and visual storytelling to give the player a memorable experience and emotional connection to the characters and environment. The player’s experience is our primary focus, which is why our games are perfect to curl up with on a rainy day and simply lose yourself in.

The worlds found inside games have become a haven or shelter for each of us, which is where our name came from as we wanted our games to become a shelter for others.

Our games focus on four core themes:



Genuine Moments


Player Experience

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Meet Our Team

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Alan Robinson

Creative Director/Artist

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Victoria Gyors

Managing Director/Designer

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John Plant

Lead Programmer

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Nathan Burt

Technical Artist

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Max Brogno


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Thao Tran


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Celeste Chan

Community Manager

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Nabila Damarjati


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Tristyn Van den broek

3D Artist

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Josh Moskalewicz